Most likely, many bettors are familiar with the terms form this field, but if you are at the beginning of the road and you have no experience in the betting world, we suggest you read this article, where we’re explaining what a double chance is and how it’s calculated. Of course, this option is often available on biletul zilei fotbal too.

What means a double chance bet?

The double chance is one of the safest options from the betting offer, because it can simultaneously cover two of the three outcomes:
– 1X: the home team wins or the match end in a draw;
– X2: the match ends in a draw or the away team wins;
– 12: it predicts the home or away team’s victory and rules out a draw.

Obviously, this betting option is available for the sports where the match can end level, such as hockey, basketball, handball and most importantly, football.

What’s the formula to calculate the double chance bets?

Calculus is an integrated part of betting, as the different odds are determined using a bunch of formulas. The formula for “double chance” is quite easy to follow and we’ll present it bellow. We’ll choose easy odds so that we don’t overcomplicate the calculation. If for the home team win we get an odd of 2.00, for a draw 3.00 and for the away team winning 4.00, we’ll have the following odds:

  • 1X -> (2.00*3.00)/(2.00+3.00)=1.20
  • X2 -> (3.00*4.00)/(3.00+4.00)=1.71
  • 12 -> (2.00*4.00)/(2.00+4.00)=1.33

Alternatives for double chance bets

There is an alternative for this kind of bet, that only covers two options, the ones that stipulate the draw as well. We’re talking about asian handicap. Using this you can replace the 1X option with the home team’s win plus a (+0.5) handicap and the X2 option with the away team’s win plus a (+0.5) handicap. You could also bet on victory plus a 0 handicap, which will get better odds, betting only on a victory and in case of draw the stake is returned.

This type of bet usually has a small odd, but a high level of security and this is why, we recommend you take this into consideration when placing a bet.