When speaking about choosing a match to add on your daily combo, you need to keep in mind a series of factors. On of the most important decisions you need to make is whether the ongoing tournament has a high enough stake for at least one of the players, so that it can fit on your betting ticket of the day.

Without any kind of doubt, we can classify the four Grand Slam tours as the most important tournaments of the year.

  • The Australian Open, the tournament that takes place at the beginning of every year in Melbourne, Australia. The beginning of the tournament is preceded by a qualifying week, where 128 tennis players attend, for the men’s tournament and 96 for the women’s one. In the last 15 years the men’s tournament has been dominated by the titans Federer and Djokovic, with very few exceptions: Wawrinka in 2014 and Nadal in 2009.
  • The French Open, or Roland-Garros is the second major slam of the year. It takes place on the clay court of Paris, somewhere near the end of May or beginning of June. When talking about the champions from the men’s tournament, the situation is somewhat similar to the Australian Open, but this time it’s dominated by a single person, the Iberian, Rafael Nadal, who managed to win the tournament 11 times from 2005 to 2018. Rolland-Garros is also the tournament where Simona Halep won her first grand slam trophy of her entire career, this year, after she lost the final match with Ostapenko in 2017.
  • Wimbledon, the third grand slam tournament of the year, is played on the grass of London. Here, in this tournament, was established the record for the longest game in history (at least until this moment), in 2010, at the match between Isner and Mahut. If you think about it, there shouldn’t be any surprise, considering that both players have a very strong serve. The game between the two spread over multiple days, starting on the 22nd of June and ending on the 24th of June. The match itself lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. Its most titled player, despite his relatively old age, is Federer, who won his 8th Wimbledon title in 2017.
  • US Open, the last grand slam tournament of the year is played on the hard court of New York. In comparison with the other grand slam tournaments, this one has 128 tennis players in the women’s tour, while the other ones have only 96. When betting on this tournament, we advise you to be more careful, because this has a wider variety when it comes to winnerss, so there can be a lot of surprises.

The next category of important tournaments throughout the year is the Masters 1000. Here we have a few more tours than in the grand slam.

  • The first Masters 1000 tournaments of the year takes place in March on the North-American continent, the so called “Sunshine double”, with the tournaments from Indian Wells and Miami.
  • April and March are dedicated to the clay Masters tournaments. During this period, the tournaments from Monte-Carlo, Madrid and Rome, which are mostly dominated by Nadal.
  • Here comes a break, until August, when we’ll go back on the American continent, in Toronto and Cincinnati.
  • In October, we’ll be in Asia at the Shanghai tournament, the second-to-last Masters 1000 tournament of the year.
  • The last Masters 1000 tournament of the year takes place in Paris, in November and it’s preceding the Champions Tour.

Every tournament presented above has a great importance for the players, because of the points placed into play. The Grand Slam Tours provide 2000 ATP points to the winner, while the Master 1000 Tours offer 1000 points. However, it’s important to remember the fact that surprises can arise in every match, no matter the name of the players, so our recommendation would be not to abuse the stake, even if the trust in the match is high. It’s better to stay below the 5% threshold of the designated monthly betting account.