Usually, bettors are looking to get win a great profit, on small stakes, so they “hunt” for high odds that, obviously have a higher risk. We think that, while betting, it’s important to choose the safest bets, no matter how low the odd is, because the final purpose should be obtaining profit.

In this article we’ll present you some of the cele mai sigure pronosticuri din fotbal, that we recommend you take into consideration when putting your daily combo together.

Halftime or Fulltime combo

This is one of the most popular options of betting, and one of the simplest ones. If we be bet on 1 Halftime/Fulltime we’re going to win if the home team is leading during halftime or wins the event. The same thing happens when we bet on the away team. This also happens when we bet on X Halftime/Fulltime. The great advantage of this type of bet is that you can check your prediction as winner during halftime, even if at fulltime the score is not a favorable one to us.

FOR EXAMPLE: We bet on 1 Halftime/Fulltime. If the halftime score is 1-0, but the match ends with 1-1, our prediction is still winning.

You can see more about this here unde poti paria psf (pauza sau final)

Double chance

This is also one from the top of the list of popular betting options, and it’s way simpler than the one explained above, but it does have a smaller odd. This type of bet can simultaneously cover two of the three end results:
– 1X: home team wins or the match ends in a draw;
– X2: the game ends in a draw or the away team wins;
– 12: the bet is won only when the game doesn’t end in a draw.

Asian handicap

This is a bit too complicated for most of the bettors, but at the same time it’s extremely useful and safe. This has two types:
– based on goals:
Example-> over 2 Asian goals; if at least 3 goals are scored the bet is a winner, but if there were exactly 2 goals scored, we’ll get our money back.
– based on one team’s victory:
Example -> the home team has a 0 handicap; in case the home team wins, out bet is a winner, and if there’s a draw we’ll get our money back.

Obviously, there are many more examples, but if you want to put yourself in the topic of this betting option, go on and visit the article where the Asian Handicap is fully explained. You’ll find it very useful.

Goal in the Second Half

Although it’s rarely taken into consideration by bettors, this type of bet can bring you profit. It’s true, it has a low odd, but it is a safe one. The basis here is that most of the teams push harder in the second half, while the first half is usually more exploratory.

We’d advise you to keep this betting tips in mind and take them into consideration when you decide to make a daily combo. It’s true, they are very useful, but they don’t generate guaranteed wins. This is why, we recommend to properly analyze the situation before hand and bet only on what’s trustworthy.