Most of the bettors dream of striking out, looking for huge wins, preferably with tiny stakes. There are very few who actually achieve this, most of them failing. And here comes a question: is there a thing called “the best strategy when placing a bet”?

What is the best betting strategy?

Although we are talking about gambling, you do need some strategy in the betting world, in order to win. Of course, success is not granted, but the chances of winning are considerably higher. In the following article we’ll try to present one of the best betting strategies.

First of all, we highly recommend not putting at stake more than you can afford losing. That’s why it might be a good idea to set up an account beforehand, on a specific amount of time, so that your finances won’t suffer.

Obviously, it also depends on everyone’ betting style. A bettor with a higher budget can choose to rely on the single bets option, which is more efficient, as the risk is low, and the chances of winning are also higher. Based on this strategy, you can generate more winning bets, than losing ones, with a smaller, but constant profit.

For example, if we choose to place at stake 100 GBP daily on a medium odd of 1.6, at the end of the week we’ll have an investment of 700 GBP and a gain of 1120 GBP , which means a profit of 420 GBP . But if we would have 3 setbacks, things would change as we would have a loss of 60 GBP .

Our recommended strategy is one that forsees 3 events tops, preferably with an approximately 3.00 odd. This way, you can afford putting less at stake, and you can also cover the potential losses.

For example, at a 3.00 odd, with a fixed stake of 20 GBP , at the end of a week with a 100% rate, we’d have a profit of 280 GBP . In case you have 3 setbacks, you would still be on a profit, because you would have a total investment of 140 GBP and a gain of 240 GBP , which means a profit of 100 GBP . Also, you would still have a profit of 40 GBP in case of 4 setbacks.

All in all, this strategy is a bit riskier, but way cheaper. Using this and a correct analysis, you can earn a nice profit. It’s very important to be disciplined when you start going on this road and you should never play for recovery. As we all know it, nothing is safe when it comes to bets.