There have been many times when we have witnessed conversations between bettors on the same subject. In the following lines we will try to summarize the best football competitions to place your daily combo on. Of course, this is our opinion, and everyone is free to have another one or bring additional information to our, but the important thing is that this kind of analysis can only be constructive.

What will you find in this article?

  • Recommended football leagues for the betting ticket of the day
  • Why choose certain leagues for the daily combo in football?

First of all, we are sure that you have noticed that most of the predictions offered by our team come from the major football, the important European football. Whether they are leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1, or various competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. Of course, we also keep an eye on national team matches, but in these cases, we have always advised bettors to spare the stakes, as there is a slightly higher risk, which most of you will have noticed.


As I said, we follow the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1 on a weekly basis and cannot leave them aside while betting. These are the most important internal leagues in European football and the top clubs in every country usually don’t disappoint. Of course, there are good and bad times for every team, but with a good analysis we can significantly increase our chances of winning, especially if we are up to date with the information.

UK: We recommend betting on goals, corner balls, combination bets on the home team and on the number of goals. Normally, when we choose the cards, we should choose UNDER 4.5 or UNDER 5.5, depending on the available line and of course the game.

Spain: With a few exceptions, Real Madrid and Barcelona are not disappointing. We also often rely on Atletico Madrid as a home team, combined with a UNDER 4.5 goals in the game. In the league derbies, we don’t hesitate to opt for BTTS.

Germany: Also here there are 3 or 4 trustworthy teams on which we could bet quite often. Our suggestion is to consider the bets ” Double Chance ” and ” Over 2.5 goals “. Germany is known for its spectacular football and its generous achievements.

Italy: In recent years it has become clear that Juventus is one of the most trustworthy clubs, especially in the winter competitions. All Turin F.C. games are worth your attention, but don’t overlook AS Roma or Napoli either. It even seems that the myth that Italian football is goalless has disappeared. The “Both Teams to Score” games and the 3+ games don’t leave themselves expected either.

France: out of the five major leagues in Europe, this is the one we count on the least. Of course, we do have PSG that rarely disappoints, but the rest of the matches are unpredictable. The derbies usually generate scores, so this is where you can have your advantage.

Champions League: this probably is the most followed and betted on football competition, and for good reason. You can take advantage of the value difference among teams, especially in the group stage. After it, things tend to get more complicated with every played elimination round.

Europa League: although it is not as popular as its big sister, UEL remains a highly betted on competition, but we do have to admit that success is scarcer compared to UCL. This might be due to the fact, that the major teams don’t really pay as much attention to it, and all in all the level is more balanced.


Beside the five top leagues presented above, there are still some internal competitions from where we could draw inspiration for the daily combo, without any kind of problem. Here we would list the leagues of Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Greece. Also, a good analysis can easily bring profit in the leagues of Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the Nordic countries.


For certain, the worst time for a bettor is the period of friendly matches. We avoid these games as much as possible and we also considerably lower the stakes when it comes to internal cups, where the surprises are a given, as we are sure you felt it on your own skin. Also, we are not huge fans of the national clubs’ games either and in those breaks we’d recommend betting smaller sums than usual.

As we said it before, we recommend to thoroughly analyze every choice made on the daily combo, but the most important thing is to never forget to bet responsibly and consider this just a hobby, like any other. Our recommendation is to never assign more then 10% of your monthly income for betting.