Besides goals and corners, the card betting has become more and more popular lately and there’s been many times when they brought a nice profit, after a good analysis, either talking about pre-match bets or live bets. In the following we’ll present some aspects that should be taken into consideration when choosing a card bet.


Of course, when placing a card bet it’s also important to know if you should place a pre-match or a live bet. When you have consistent data about a certain match, you can place a pre-match bet without any kind of problem, but the risk is lower if you choose to bet live, after 10-15 minutes, when you’ve already ‘felt’ the game.
Basically, if you place a live bet, you have an extra advantage, as you can draw some conclusions from the first 10-15 minutes, where you can see how the team plays, their attitude towards the game and their commitment. Both options are okay, but you do have an extra advantage in the live bets.


The stake of the game is essential, no matter the type of bet we choose, not only when it comes to card bets. If we’re talking about a friendly game, or one that has little importance, it would be better to refrain yourself. However, if the stakes of the game are high, you can analyze the situation and make a decision. Of course, the odds of seeing more cards in a derby are higher, when the spirits are boiling, when the ego is high, and there’s a high commitment from both teams.
Thinking of Olympiakos – Panathinaikos, Galatasaray – Fenerbahce or a Partizan – Steaua Rosie. Of course, most of the teams will receive many cards in this kind of duels, the statistics being on your side this time, although there are still some exceptions, when you’ll see an unexpected discipline.


The statistics of the previous encounters are very important. Obviously, if in the last 3-4 encounters the cards were flowing, you should expect something similar again. There is no written rule however, because there were many times when the statistics were proven otherwise. There is however an added point for you, that on the long run will considerably help you.


These situations usually arise after the first part of the season, when some players have already gathered yellow cards and are in danger of being suspended in the following match, if they’ll get another warning. Well, here comes into account the importance of the next game, if the player would undertake a probable suspension or if he’d have to be 100% more cautious to avoid another yellow card. These situations are not very often, but you should pay attention to them.


The last, but not the least important aspect, is the referee of the encounter. Some are known to use yellow cards very easily, and some leave the game have its flow, while being more tolerant about the cards. The information about the match’s referee has often proven to be decisive and we’d advise you to pay attention to it as much as possible.

Also, we recommend taking a look over cum sa alegi un pariu pe goluri pe biletul zilei din fotbal as well, where you’ll find some useful advices, especially on the most popular types of bets.
We’d suggest to properly analyze every choice for the daily combo, but the most important thing is to remember to bet responsibly and see this as a hobby, like any other. Our recommendation is to stick to the 10% of the monthly income limit, when it comes to sports betting or gambling.